Active Agenda 2.0

Active Agenda is a complete office scheduling solution that not only simplifies scheduling, but also client management, time management, and communication within an office. Your entire office can save time, eliminate mistakes and improve productivity.


Simple and straightforward - that's Active Agenda. Point-and-click scheduling keeps everyone in the office on the same page.


Features built in to smoothly handle not only appointments, but meetings, wait lists, workshops and more. You can even quickly generate reports from you scheduling data such as:

  • How clients did a specific staff member see last month
  • How many clients attended workshops last quarter
  • What percentage of clients no-showed
  • Anything else you can think of!


All Active Agenda network connections are encrypted allowing you to securely access your schedule from anywhere. Organizations with multiple locations are able to work and collaborate together.


With a function-first interface and high-performance built into the design, Active Agenda can scale up to hundreds of thousands of appointments and keep up with even the busiest offices.


All network communication and storage is encrypted, and all infrastructure is kept on Canadian soil. Administrators can control which staff members can access which schedules.

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