Active Agenda 2.0

Instant organization.
With Active Agenda you can:
  • View all staff schedules side-by-side
  • Schedule appointments with a point and click
  • Eliminate any chance of double booking
  • Manage cancellations, rescheduled and recurring appointments
  • View any client's entire appointment history, including which were attended, cancelled, rescheduled or no-showed
  • Manage wait-lists
  • Generate sophisticated reports such as which clients a staff member saw last month
  • And much more

What is Active Agenda?

Active Agenda is client scheduling software for organizations that has been designed for ease of use, flexibility and security.

What kind of organizations use Active Agenda?

Employment Service Centers (EPBC/WorkBC), Medical Offices, Home & Auto Services, Law Offices and more.

How can I start using Active Agenda?

See Getting Started. We will create an account for you, give you a 30 day free trial and arrange a time to walk you through the program.
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